Gunnas Gazette

The Gunnas Gazette is the village newsletter for Clungunford and its surrounding hamlets. The newsletter has been published continuously now since September 1997 and is delivered either electronically or by paper copy to each household in the village every two months. Many friends and supporters of life in Clungunford receive their copies over the internet. The Gazette lets people know what is going on in Clungunford and thereabouts, and it has proved an invaluable communication tool over the years. If you wish to receive a copy of The Gazette by email, please forward your request to

The Gazette prides itself in having in nearly all its editions more text than most tabloid newspapers. The content is not only informative; it can be thought provoking and amusing. If you have anything to contribute to The Gazette – stories, historical pieces, poems, reminiscences –  do please email it in. We would love to have it. Copy may be sent to

Below are the previous editions of the Gazette.