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    We are fast approaching Ride and Stride weekend again. This year it will be
    on Saturday 9th September. This is a national event to raise money for the
    maintenance of Historic Churches of all denominations. The concept is that
    each church will raise money through sponsorship of Riders (cyclists) and
    Striders (walkers) that visit local churches on the allotted date. Half the
    money raised goes directly to the local church and the other half goes into a
    County pot that can be bid for.
    It is a fun day and Clungunford always has a good turnout. If you want to join
    the Riders then contact Simon Lyster 01588 660152, if you want to join the
    Striders then contact Mary Bason 07800 530960.
    If you don’t feel energetic enough to join us, or are busy that day you can still
    support us either by visiting our Just Giving page
    Or by joining us for some wonderful refreshments at the St Cuthbert’s Church
    between 10am and 4pm.

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