The Slow Ladies

The Slow Ladies have been walking for over 20 years. The word ‘slow’ does not refer to the brain (although some people may question that). The name came from an chance remark when a group of us were talking together-all agreed they liked walking but not alone and husbands walked too quickly.
“Well let’s start a Slow Ladies walking group,” I said. We did and the name stuck.
We walk once a month on Thursdays and cover anything from 3 to 8 miles. In winter we stray not too far and have a Pub lunch. In better weather we venture further afield and take a picnic
Over the years many ladies have joined us. Some have moved away and for some,  painful joints, etc.,  have taken their toll and they gave up walking. I think, at the moment, there may be a slower slow ladies group developing, but we’ll see.
In recent years we have taken a few days away, travelling there by train. For those who have reached a  certain age, bus passes are used to explore our new surroundings.
We welcome new friends so if you are interested, please phone for more details — Pauline Mattison.(01588 660596)