Clungunford Village Hall renovations

This page will provide information about planned renovations of the village hall….

Renovations in 2019….funded by 

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Europe investing in rural areas

The National Lottery

……and local donations

In April 2018 we were successful in obtaining £53 000 from the EU rural development fund. Our success was helped by a generous pledge of £12 000 from Clungunford Sports & Social Club.
In January 2019 we secured additional funds of £10 000 from the National Lottery’s Community Fund.
The money will go towards further refitting of the hall interior. This will include:
  • The new east room extension will be completed internally;
  • the electrics in the original main hall will be replaced and new lighting installed;
  • the old false ceiling will be removed and, as this may change the acoustics, sound-baffles will be installed as necessary;
  • the stage area will be updated with a flexible stage; and 
  • a new movable wall will be constructed between the main hall and the east room to allow these spaces to be used separately, or as a single large space.
The new kitchen is already completed and, with this planned work, we will have a much improved facility for the parish. With these improvements we want to ensure that the hall is used by more people for more activities in the future.
The planned work will inevitably cause the hall to be unavailable for a period of time but we shall try to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. We hope that the bar should remain open.

The old hall


Work in progress – February 2019


What renovations are happening to the parish hall?

The original old hall will be stripped back to the original skin and new electrics and lighting will be installed. The old false ceiling will be removed and the original vaulted ceiling restored.

The fixed stage will be removed and a new flexible modular stage installed.  The Flicks in the Sticks screen will be raised and a new ceiling-mounted projector installed.

The new extension at the side of the kitchen– The East Room – will be completed and new heating and lighting installed.

The wall between the East Room room and the original hall will be removed. New steelwork will be fitted so that a moveable wall can be installed. This will mean that the two spaces could be used separately or together as a single large space. The East Room will have new comfy furnishings.

Both rooms will be redecorated.

What is not being done?

The bar area and Family Room are not currently part of these renovation works. Also, the toilets will not be changed at this time.

When will this happen?

Work will begin on the hall on Monday 7th January 2019. The current schedule lasts nine/ten weeks. The hall will also be unavailable immediately before this date as we prepare the space for the building work. The hall will be closed during this time although the bar may still have some opening times.

Why is the hall having this work?

Now that the hall is protected from the elements with a new outer skin we can improve and modernise the original building within. The electrics are now very old and dangerous and many of the fittings are not energy efficient. The new roof provides additional enclosed space and this will become available to use either separately or with the original hall.

Who is paying for it?

The hall has received an EU Rural Development grant for £53 000 and the Sports & Social Club have donated £12 000 towards these works. We also secured £10 000 from the National Lottery. Other donations have been made by local benefactors, including generous funds from Clungunford’s ‘Flicks in the Sticks’ committee.

What will happen to hall events while the renovations take place?

Some hall users have chosen to suspend their activities while the renovations are done while others have moved temporarily to other venues. Please contact each user-group directly to find out what they intend to do.

Will regular events return?

The events will return after the hall renovation work is complete. We also hope to host more activities in the future and welcome anyone who is keen to use the hall for additional events, particularly in the daytime. Maddy Wilkinson is the new hall contact for all bookings. If you have some ideas then please contact her on 01588-660847. Email: moc.t1553251874enret1553251874nitb@1553251874nosni1553251874kliw_1553251874m1553251874

If you have questions relating to these renovations then please contact Max Maxwell on 01588-661044. Email: moc.l1553251874iamg@1553251874423101553251874xam1553251874

More details about the works will be in future Gunnas Gazettes and updates will be posted on

Clungunford Parish Hall Committee

The main hall, kitchen and east room will be unavailable from close on Thursday 3rd January 
Clear furniture and other items from main hall and east room – 4th-6th January
Phase 1 of work – main hall
  • clear main hall of stage, false ceiling, ducting
  • remove radiators and wall between main hall and east room and prop up roof
  • dig foundations for steel uprights and ends of wall space
  • install new steel uprights (fixed to new roof) and steel cross beam to support original roof and from which to hang new movable wall
  • make good original ceiling in hall and fit extractor fan grill
  • cover over the one remaining redundant window in east wall
  • fit new loft ladder access from corridor to mezzanine housing boiler and fan
  • complete refit of electrics in main hall including fitting new wall & ceiling lights, and stage light gantry
  • replacement of old doors in main hall
  • allow access to decorators to repaint walls, doors and vaulted ceiling in main hall
  • installation of sound baffles
  • installation of a new modular stage
Phase 2 of work – east room
  • complete insulation fitting to east room
  • install new insulation over top of original vaulted main hall
  • fit electrics in east room including wall and ceiling lights
  • fit new wooden flooring in east room
  • fit wood panelling walls in east room to match main hall
  • fit radiators in east room
  • finish installation of new movable wall between main hall and east room
  • decorate east room
Finally the hall and east room will have the furniture replaced and new wall decoration. The curtains from the hall will move to the windows of the east room.
A re-opening party for the village will be held on April 7th, when the work is complete see here.