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Churchwardens Report for 2019 APCM


Once again, we come to the end of our Church Administrative year, culminating in our Parish AGM and benefice APCM meetings.

It has been an honour to serve the congregation and the general community of Clungunford. It is a small village but with a big heart. Likewise, the congregation may not be large, but it is certainly a loving close-knit family, supporting each other as a good congregation should do. As a church, we have reached out to the community and it has been rewarding when the community reaches in to us, particularly by supporting our special events.

It would be very satisfying to report a growth in service attendances, but unfortunately this is not the case, however on the positive side, neither have they declined, they remain stable with our average attendance over all services, including the special services around Christmas, Harvest and Easter being 24. The average attendance for regular services also remained stable at 14.

We should like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the unsung heroes who have supported the church throughout the year. We should especially like to thank Ennis and Liz who open and close the church for us on a daily basis, not to mention keeping the clock going with Big Ben precision. To Gordon and Simon who through their hard work stop the graveyard becoming an overgrown jungle. To Maureen and the 100 Club for their excellent work throughout the year in helping us to remain solvent. To the flower arrangers, who silently and unobserved make our beautiful church even more beautiful with their colourful flower arrangements. Thank you, Elizabeth, for organising and managing the flower arranging rota.

To the Bell Ringers, who send out that wonderful welcoming invitation for our community at large to come to our services. To all those who lead our lay led services and those that participate in our services, including those that undertake the readings, the deliverers of our intercession prayers, without you all we would have a very limited and not so colourful program of services. And, of course, we must not forget to offer a huge thank you to those that bring that extra sparkle to all our services, the organists, Arthur, Eddie and Richard. What a wonderful job they do. A big thank you to all those that provide our refreshments for that less formal but equally important time at the end of our services. To Melanie for the sterling work of managing our publicity and rotas. To Robert and Christine for organising our Lent group and other special services, not to mention minute taking at PCC meetings.

To Janet, words cannot express our gratitude. You are our treasurer, secretary, provider of soups and friend. Without your unfailing hard work constantly throughout the year, we really do not know where we would be.

To Annie, our vicar, we thank you for all your hard work throughout what we know has been a difficult year for you. We wish you a speedy recovery and pray that you will be soon be well and active again throughout the Middle Marches Benefice.

And finally, a very personal thank you to our wives, Isabel and Anne, for all the support and hard work they have done over the course of the year, both up front and behind the scenes. We apologise for all those that we have not named personally but you know who you are and more to the point He knows who you are. Up with Team St Cuthbert’s.

So on to more formal issues:

The Fabric, Goods and Repair of the Church

The church is generally in a good state of repair, the two exceptions remain the organ and the bell tower. The cracks detected some time ago in the bell tower remain but there are no obvious indications that they have deteriorated further. Nevertheless, we shall shortly contract a specialised structural engineer for his opinion on what works should be carried out to repair and possibly strengthen the bell tower or the bell frame.

The Organ

Since the troubles that we had with the organ back in 2017/18 with sticking keys and stops and a fractured metal rod, the organ has been reasonably problem free. There was an amount of work carried out last year on the organ including the re-leathering of motors (small bellows), the replacement of corroded lead pipes, the removal of the asbestos lining from the blower and replacement of the lining with a safe, sound proofing material. One of the keys stuck on just prior to the Spring Concert but this was easily sorted and was probably just due to humidity. The organ was last tuned in time for the Choral Workshop during Holy week.

The organ is looked after by Nicholson & Co and has been for many years. They undertook a survey of the instrument in March last year and their recommendation was to fully restore the organ at a cost of £124k plus vat and expenses. For note, the instrument was made in 1895 by Binns and was partially restored in 1981 by Terence Aistrupp, and so has provided 124 years of service without a full restoration. We have had two other organ builders examine the instrument and quote for necessary work. GOrganbuilders examined the instrument in December and recommended a partial restoration at a cost of around £40k plus vat and expenses. Tarquin Wiggins Ltd examined the instrument in March and we are still awaiting their report, however, their view was that the instrument was still serviceable and only minor work needs to be carried out. We have also consulted with various organists and builders who have kindly provided their help and advice.

Given that, following the work last year, the instrument is performing well there is no longer the need for a hasty decision. It appears that the instrument is quite modular in that parts can be removed without the need to disassemble it. As such we could take a view that we restore on an ‘as needed basis’, or restore the instrument back to the state which it is was delivered to the Church back in 1895. The cost of the two different approaches are very different. Given what we now know more about the instrument we are in a good position to shortly decide on how best to go forward. A proposal will be prepared for consideration by the PCC.

Church Assets

No new assets have been acquired or relinquished, in the course of the year.

Mike Jones and Eddie Gledhill



Appendix 1 – Analysis of Service Collections and Attendances 2017 to 2019







2019 to 24th April


Service Collections £




1216.25 (3444.83 projected year end but skewed)


Average Service Attendance Overall




17 (Skewed)


Average Service Attendance Core


















Funerals or Memorials













The results, so far, for 2019 are skewed because there has only been one major service to date, Easter Sunday. Service collections and average service attendance should therefore pick up later in the year.


Ride and Stride 2018

Many thanks to everybody that joined in this year’s Ride and Stride. With 9 Riders and 14 Striders Clungunford must have had the largest contingent in the County. Both groups had a very sociable time as they in total visited 12 historic churches before returning for a wonderful feast and reception back at St Cuthbert’s.

The final numbers aren’t in as we go to press, but we think we collected close to £2,400 for the Shropshire Historic Churches Trust, half of which comes back to St Cuthbert’s. So, a big thanks to all those that sponsored the participants.

A very special thanks must go to all the people that gave their time and effort to the Open Day at St Cuthbert’s which is now a major part of the Shropshire Ride and Stride. People come from far and wide to experience the hospitality and the wonderful food and drinks that are laid on by the volunteers. We even had a group of 20 come down from Shrewsbury.

I will let you know when the sponsorship total is confirmed and as my first year as the co-ordinator for this fantastic event my personal thanks go out to all those that participated and provided me with support and encouragement. We are already thinking of ways to get more involvement in 2019. Simon Lyster 01588 660152

Clungunford Village Choir

On Thursday 21st June Clungunford Village Choir enticed a sizeable audience through the doors of St Cuthbert’s with the promise of A Little Midsummer Night’s Music; a celebration of songs from 20th century musicals.

From the rather apt opening – in church surroundings – of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ that headed-up an impressive medley from his greatest stage and screen hits, the choir paved the way for a delightful evening’s entertainment. We were whisked away into a dreamy reverie by songs from Gershwin, Sondheim, and a spectacular finale of arrangements from ‘Les Miserables’.

Interspersed throughout were some humorous and reflective readings, carefully-chosen for the event by Anthea Bason and enjoyed by all.

A five star quality performance of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ stole the show with its undeniably intricate rhythm: it was executed with finesse and aplomb; more than a few waists swaying to the beat in their seats and toes tapping away on the tiled floor.

Conductor, accompanist, performers, and the refreshed committee of the Clungunford Village Choir – not to mention the new church wardens on hand to extend a warm welcome, and those who produced refreshments – should all take note that the applause at the end of the event was indeed thunderous in appreciation of a fine evening and all of their combined efforts. A Choir Fan

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