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News March 2019……

Preparation of a New Church Electoral Roll

Every 6 years a new Church Electoral Roll has to be prepared – the last one was prepared in 2013. Being on the Roll entitles a person to vote on church matters such as in the election of the Parochial Church Council much the same as being on the political Electoral Roll entitles someone to vote in political elections. The conditions for enrolment are basically that the person is 16 or over, a baptised member of the Church of England and resident in the parish or, if not resident in the parish, then a habitual attendee at church services in the parish during the last 6 months.

Even if a form was signed 6 years ago, an applicant must reapply. Forms are available on the table by the notice board inside the church alongside a posting box. A form is also being distributed with the Gunnas Gazette for March 2019  or can be found here and can either be returned to the box in the church, to either of the Church Wardens, Mike Jones or Eddie Gledhill or to the black box outside the door at Clungunford House. All forms must be returned by 27th March to enable the Electoral Roll to be compiled in time for the Parish AGM on 24th April. If any more forms are required, please phone 01588 660 673.

Janet Thain, Secretary, Clungunford PCC


St Cuthbert’s AGM – 7.00pm Wednesday 24th April 2019 in church

Everyone is cordially invited to the AGM of St Cuthbert’s Church on 24th April. This is the occasion when the Church Wardens and PCC members are elected for the coming year and the work and events connected with our parish church are discussed and celebrated.

To actually vote in the elections you need to be registered on what will be the newly prepared Electoral Roll – please see the article elsewhere in the Gunnas Gazette. The formal ratification of the Clungunford elections (together with those of the other parishes in the Benefice) will be at the Benefice APCM held after the service at St Cuthbert’s on Sunday 28th April

Janet Thain, Secretary, Clungunford PCC