Clun Valley Jazz

Welcome to Clun Valley Jazz  

Jazz “in the quietest place under the sun”

Live Jazz music today is thriving from the Trio, Quartet to Big Bands. Clun Valley Jazz will be inviting some of the best up-and-coming Jazz players around so we can all share in a unique musical experience together. Good music doesn’t have an expiry date and Jazz is a universal pleasure, so please join us and enjoy. If you know local Jazz players or simply love Jazz and might want to help out please get in touch.


Upcoming events:

or book by phoning 01588 676060. 


John Davies on 01547 530100 or at moc.t1568739559enret1568739559nitb@1568739559qnico1568739559sis1568739559 and

Mathew Trustman on 01588660129 or mob 07766023534 or at moc.t1568739559enret1568739559nitb@1568739559namts1568739559urtm1568739559